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Release of Stageplot Institute

[RICHMOND, BC] —The Art of Broadcasting’s premier program is on March 16th, 2022. It’s an avant-garde program in storytelling. Anyone who has a story to tell can participate.

We bring together bright minds to share our profession and your human experience. The Art of Broadcasting Stories is an intensive 12-week program. All participants will acquire a new mindset/skills in crafting, managing, monetizing, and communicating with influencers.

Celebrating the extra within ordinary people is the core of who we are.

The transformative power of educational technologies sources Stage Plot Institute with the primary purpose of teaching and self-learning creative entrepreneurs. Distinct from traditional communication tools or basic teaching practices, Stage Plot Institute is an International online educational establishment that focuses on the reality of asynchronous distance learning.  Our program is designed to support them to overcome distance learning challenges: concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barriers. 

We bring forth strengths within the learners for, by and with the social group, rather than focusing on lack and missing pieces. We are an “inclusive education” for all as a space for our participants.  Our Facilitators and Experts bring over 20 years of experience in the industry and the “A GAME” of transformative learning.

Thank You for Altering the Way the World Looks at Life!!