StagePlot Institute is inviting you, your friends, family, and community to the Live Introductions for The Art of Broadcasting online starting March 16 featuring the founder, Sabrina Roc.

Stage Plot Institute is proud to present our premier program The Art of Broadcasting. It’s an avant-garde program in storytelling. Anyone who has a story to tell can participate.

We bring together bright minds to share our profession and your human experience. The Art of Broadcasting Stories is an intensive 12-week program. All participants will acquire a new mindset/skills in crafting, managing, monetizing their stories. Our program is designed to support upcoming creative entrepreneurs to overcome learning challenges: concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barriers. 

No matter what phase your project is, come and discover the power of storytelling!

To Register for these Free Introductory 1 hour sessions. pick a day and click on the time that works best for you.

When you participate in this introductory session, you will receive an E-book storytelling map, a free 30 min. mentoring session and a Bonus: AR/VR Workbook (beta test) for free when subscribed to our newsletter .

The Art of Broadcasting was an amazing course that really helped to shed a light on the future for me during the pandemic. It was humbling to be part of a group of young creators that all had such different projects but were clearly benefiting from the mentorship of an industry professional. We formed a small family!”-MUFARO MBUDZI, Comedian-

Please share with everyone you know and register for the Introduction to this amazing program and learn more about how your story or someone else’s will change the way the world looks at life!