The Art of Broadcasting Stories
the fast track incubator program

Your story doesn’t need to be unique. All it takes is a different approach... Build your business with our story-start-up model.

If yes, gear up to build your business with our story-start up model

Learn the fundamentals of creating your story that fits the future Scenarios of Television and content distribution.
Reference Image Learn beyond the common know-how, get access to tools, practice sessions and even get access to the experts and create your own pathway.

You got what it takes! Don’t Follow the Trend . Become the game changer. Create your own pathway to earn a sustainable income while crafting each of your stories step by step.

What Is Our Program All About...

THE ART OF BROADCASTING STORIES PROGRAM During the program, you will take your story to next frontier, create teams, do the financial budgeting and pitch it to actual people in the industry who have a chance to have your project on an OTTs or sell it to distributors. This includes how to get the funding and investors.

The Goal

As a participant, you will learn the fundamentals of creating a unique story-startup business and clearly understand the importance of audience, data analysis, budgeting, financial framework, sale, and distribution in a storytelling project.

The outcome

at the end of the program, you will acquire a new mindset and skills in crafting, managing and communicating with experts and influencers in the industry.

The Result

By the end of the program, you will have a bible (portfolio), a business plan and a presentation to pitch that can include a ripomatic and most importantly, you will have the chance to submit, pitch your project to various in front of a jury of experts. Our live jury is an executive in the field who has the power to make you an offer. In addition, you will have access to different financial frameworks, pitch strategies to revenues while crafting your stories.

What Is Our Program All About...

Stage Plot Institute is an e-learning platform (LMS) that offers courses, mentorship, and dev programs for the emerging creators and entrepreneurs. The platform has holographic and AR components to favor distant learning and create a better attention level. Our courses and programs are designed in a way to be inclusive and respectful of social, cultural, and distance barriers.

Leverage the knowledge of experts in a variety of fields such as: Instructional Designer,subject matter experts: People in the industry (like producers, Lawyers, Actors, showrunners, distributors, scriptwriters, etc.).

Our first program, the Art of broadcasting Stories, is a 12 to 24 weeks incubator program. This online program includes

This Program Is a Good Fit For You If You Are

All it takes is for you to be a creative entrepreneur and have a global mindset, and of course you must be interested in the Motion Pictures industry. This program is perfect for you if:

Our methodology is  able to support  overcome distance learning challenges such as concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barrier

Reasons to Choose This Incubator Program

Help you create at least 5 different sources of income into different platforms and mediums using just one of your stories.

Have your own story portfolio (treatment bible) with complete rights which you will be able to pitch to any major media market.

Help you create your own process and practices to pitch and ask for investment in your story. You will develop a performance mindset.

Helps to bridge the gap between creative stories and a successful profitable business model of selling your stories to large audiences.

Help you overcome the cultural and professional barriers that exist between the storytellers and media houses.
Not only help you find the right platforms but also help you get in front of the right people to coach you to sell stories with the right mindset and tools.
Help you find the right people and build the right team to help you create your stories fast, leveraging industry experts to help you in the process.

Get an opportunity to learn, work and share ideas with brilliant minds in the motion picture industry.

What You Get In the Program

Resources Worth more than $26,161

Regular Price $4197

Special Price $2197

Designed & Structured by Transformative
Educational Specialist

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Promoting Constructive Feedback….

Through Zoom, the facilitator will exchange in real-time with the group for 60 mins. The facilitators are more than subject matter experts.

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Transformative Learning….

The content is intentionally packaged into bite-sized bursts of video, ideally 1 to 3 minutes max in length. Rapid and repetitive learning 12 modules - Each module includes 3 to 4 microlearning units

Leadership rises within teams….

Discover and share information challenges, and progress through different social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and youtube) and expand their network with their peers in the industry.

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Augmented Reality and handy 3D workbook…

With easy-to-follow interactive AR elements for our users, our self-study workbook summarizes key training modules using 3D models, with a combination of text, audio, and video.

Learning the inspiring pathways of Experts…

Start learning with industry experts like Producers, Accountants, Lawyers, Directors, cinematographers, agents, distributors, Broadcasters, Writers, and much more.

Going beyond knowledge…

Experts within the industry & Facilitators focus on the learner experience. Aware of the challenges and space we navigate in the industry, the live individual support allows participants to go beyond circumstances, and fears.


  • 12 weeks - (have at least 24 weeks or 6 months to complete the course at your own pace)

  • More than 100+ lessons

  • Blended with Facilitator Classes

  • Self-Paced Modules Integrated

  • AR Holographic Worksheet and Guidebooks

  • Lifetime access to the Curriculum and Future Updates

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Regular Price $4197

Special Price

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What the Customers Say About The Art of Broadcasting Stories

Mufaro Mbudzi

Comedian, Actor Producer

The Art of Broadcasting was an amazing course that really helped to shed a light on the future for me during the pandemic. It was humbling to be part of a group of young creators that all had such different projects but were clearly benefiting from the mentorship of an industry professional. We formed a small family!

Gregorio Smanzy

Producer/ Actor

I learned so much about the film industry & really gained so much more “insider” information about the Industry. I recommend this training to anyone and everyone interested in the film industry whether you are an Actor, Producer, Director, Executive Producer, Crew, and more. You will gain new skills and insight!

Cindy Charles

Actor of Lead Series Ainsi Va Manu

I was able to see the profession of producer as a complex art that integrates the notions of business, marketing, self-knowledge, the power of the message that we want to bequeath to future generations, group strategy, and the importance of working together.

Michelle Hickey

Media Manager

This program provides you with an insider perspective of the entertainment industry. I'd describe it as, 'hands-on knowledge'. The program is curated for emerging artists, creators, writers, producers, and directors.

Sharma MacDonald

Writer / Actor / Director

It was transformative attending the Art of Broadcasting Stories (AOB) training sessions!  During the training, I learned how to develop my own project and create a business plan! I learned how to write a proper synopsis, do market research, budgeting, timeline, and build a great team, as Sabrina provided us with the necessary tools and resources to succeed and keep things organized.

Jade Stone

Screenwriter, Producer, Director

During this training course, I learned how to be a better producer. At first, I was learning by doing, which meant I was making some mistakes because I had never done half of these things before. I learned about developing budgets, financing a TV show, pitching and discoverability reports.

Mel Pickering


What I've learned during this training is how to put together a project intended for different broadcasting formats, following a clear and detailed structure, allowing me to frame ideas concretely. Then, I got to practice on the court how to pitch a project to members of the film and television industry.