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Your story doesn’t need to be unique. All it takes is a different approach... Build your business with our story-start-up model. Learn the fundamentals of creating your story that fits the unprecedented pathways.

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The Goal

As a participant, you will learn the fundamentals of creating a unique story-startup business and clearly understand the importance of audience, data analysis, budgeting, financial framework, sale, and distribution in a storytelling project.

The Outcome

At the end of the program, you will acquire a new mindset and skills in crafting, managing, and communicating with experts and influencers in the industry.

The Result

By the end of the program, you will have a bible (portfolio), a business plan, and a presentation to pitch that can include a ripomatic.


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Mufaro Mbudzi

Comedian, Actor Producer

The Art of Broadcasting was an amazing course that really helped to shed a light on the future for me during the pandemic. It was humbling to be part of a group of young creators that all had such different projects but were clearly benefiting from the mentorship of an industry professional. We formed a small family!

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Gregorio Smanzy

Producer/ Actor

I learned so much about the film industry & really gained so much more “insider” information about the Industry. I recommend this training to anyone and everyone interested in the film industry whether you are an Actor, Producer, Director, Executive Producer, Crew, and more. You will gain new skills and insight!

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Cindy Charles

Actor of Lead Series Ainsi Va Manu

I was able to see the profession of producer as a complex art that integrates the notions of business, marketing, self-knowledge, the power of the message that we want to bequeath to future generations, group strategy, and the importance of working together.

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Michelle Hickey

Media Manager

This program provides you with an insider perspective of the entertainment industry. I'd describe it as, 'hands-on knowledge'. The program is curated for emerging artists, creators, writers, producers, and directors.

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Sharma MacDonald

Writer / Actor / Director

It was transformative attending the Art of Broadcasting Stories (AOB) training sessions! During the training, I learned how to develop my own project and create a business plan! I learned how to write a proper synopsis, do market research, budgeting, timeline, and build a great team, as Sabrina provided us with the necessary tools and resources to succeed and keep things organized.

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Jade Stone

Screenwriter, Producer, Director

During this training course, I learned how to be a better producer. At first, I was learning by doing, which meant I was making some mistakes because I had never done half of these things before. I learned about developing budgets, financing a TV show, pitching and discoverability reports.

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Mel Pickering


What I've learned during this training is how to put together a project intended for different broadcasting formats, following a clear and detailed structure, allowing me to frame ideas concretely. Then, I got to practice on the court how to pitch a project to members of the film and television industry.

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Stage Plot Institute is sourced by the transformative power of educational technologies with the primary purpose of teaching and self-learning creative entrepreneurs. Distinct from traditional communication tools or basic teaching practices; Stage Plot Institute is an International online educational establishment that focuses on the reality of asynchronous distance learning. Our program is designed to support them to overcome distance learning challenges: concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barriers.

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Abubakar Khan

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Colin Beadle

Colin Beadle is an internationally recognized animator turned HR professional. He is...

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